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As the Ballerina on the peak of her dance stripped-to-sprain her foot;

As the Ice skater in the midst of the crowd, because of her poor-self-image lose her very confidence;

As the Ardent Swain groaned in pain, because he was rejected by her Princess;

As the doctor cried because look, on his chest leaned his loved one, it fall asleep, a very deep sleep and he knew he can never awake her love again…

I was once as they are, a person having a brave heart and determination. Who aimed for the sweet success. I have done my very best not to be defeated, but.. as they are, the unexpected fall shocked my personality. I was being jolted! I am hopeless now.

Let us all go home now.


Say goodbye to the world.

Sleep now..

Sweet dreams companion and win!

Just don’t forget to smile when you wake-up.

See you.


Hi! It’s Peaceful here.

Look at “my world”.

It’s fresh and got a wonderful serene. You are welcome; everybody who seeks for friend and comfort is welcome actually. You are most welcome if you are a good listener.

Wander, as if you are the best voyager under the sun.

Dig my hidden treasure as if you are the most diligent miner among the rest (I assure you, there is gold hidden).

Observe my innermost, as if you are the great and most careful specialist.

I used to be a astray flower growing wild. But when a mystery poured on me, I was saved in droughty desert.

Look how simple I can be as a friend, but everybody if not all will surely be delighted to see what I saw and still can see  in my world.

A humble flower will talk and confess.

She’s a flower of few words, so be patient if some words are short. She just hoped that the observer can smell the fragrance of the SIMPLE WILD FLOWER.