Archive | February 2012



When the band started to dance

As the chamade shouts loud

The heartbeat range rapid

As the drummer starts drumming

The smiles line in every frown

When the band dance

Trials came dancing in

Daring the green apple musicians

Testing their root and sweetness

As the beat glides and fluctuates

When sadness march up stage

My dear drummer and pianist cried

The beloved guitarist sob

So cold, so lonely the sound now

Too slow the drumbeat  that hit

As the band play their instrument

As you dance and enjoy their music

Don’t forget to sing and pray for them

If trials in their land visit them

Please be strong and hug them


FOR THE POET (Lines for a trying hard Poet)

Scribbling a pen for a heart-pinching rhyme

Deep thinker of words relieving the hurt

Staid listener maybe a serious learner

Studying the life to make even in a paragraph

The poet begins to write the life of sadness

Of different life and move of different stand

About the hope gliding sometimes on hand

About God’s love and care we see and always feel

The sweet rhymed words were rhymed for weak

For sick the line with doctor’s guide

Some funny line styled for funny man

The shiny part deserves for God who love

The poet tried to speak on poems

To ease the fear and burdensome

To put a smile to every frown

To call a friend to care her side

Too loud the truth behind the lines

The trying is over and done

The words came out caressed the heart

Except the heart of friend he want

The answer is submitting ourselves to God

Searching for a friend will be fully done

Sooner the words for you will shine

You’ll be a poem under the sun