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Fav Flower of a Wildflower

Take a closer look at my favorite Rosal (a rose without thorns).

Demureness pictured on its frame.


We’re both simple, sensitive and quiet — apt to serenity.

Also, we’re both ephemeral, only, I’ve got a lingering sweet smell behind my charm.

I may be weak, but I’m special.

Thanks God, I’m a human.

I can enjoy life after death.


Worry Absorber

The sea comfort you in the stillness.

Making your wavy life at peace

Drowning grief down to its navel

Whisper your grudge and cry out loud

The sea will carefully listen up to its depth

Don’t worry cause you’ve got a friend

More than a friend you’ve expected

With wide embrace to comfort you

He is the maker of all our friends

If one friend fails, He’s still the One.