..from a clay loam soil.

..from the Philippines and I’m proud to be a Filipina.

No matter how the other country belittled my nation, I’m proud that Filipinos are kindhearted in nature. Also, Filipinos are God-fearing people. Although I learned from my great mentor that not all have already found the true God yet.

I wander and observed my countrymen and saw the way they live their lives, I’d rather chose this country to be my temporary dwelling place.

..a Christian, in the real sense of the word. That was what I learned how to use that word because everybody may use it.

..a singer. Yes, in my little room? I’d rather use the word, in a little garden because I’m a wildflower. Used to be in the wilderness, but not anymore. I am now contently planted in His Garden. I’m not a real singer, I just know if someone is a good note catcher.

..not a degree holder.

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