As the Ballerina on the peak of her dance stripped-to-sprain her foot;

As the Ice skater in the midst of the crowd, because of her poor-self-image lose her very confidence;

As the Ardent Swain groaned in pain, because he was rejected by her Princess;

As the doctor cried because look, on his chest leaned his loved one, it fall asleep, a very deep sleep and he knew he can never awake her love again…

I was once as they are, a person having a brave heart and determination. Who aimed for the sweet success. I have done my very best not to be defeated, but.. as they are, the unexpected fall shocked my personality. I was being jolted! I am hopeless now.

Let us all go home now.


Say goodbye to the world.

Sleep now..

Sweet dreams companion and win!

Just don’t forget to smile when you wake-up.

See you.